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Here is the List

Every year I make a couple of goals for my career and life.  I have made most of my goals reality.  I am a hard worker and can make things happen.  Last year I changed careers and evolved my comedy career where I wanted it to be.  Yay.

Through personal development and introspect, I learned I was not good at setting wholistic goals for myself.  I was good at “how to get ahead” in life goals….how to make more money, how to advance, how to get more friends etc, but I rarely took the time to analyze the health of these goals.  What is the impact on my mental health?  What is the impact on my family and marriage?

So for 2014 I made a  list of 25 things i WILL do.  These are not small goals, these are lifestyle changes that will keep.  They are all interconnected, between learning new skills,  more time with the kids and time to learn to be by myself alone, these goals will help my overall health and well being.

This blog is about accountability for these items.  I am sure there will be happy, sad and very funny moments as I try to achieve them all.  Stay with me through 2014 and I will be updating on progresses every Thursday.  Read to cheer me on, read for fun, or read to hope for my defeat, no matter why you read I thank you.

The list:

  1. Go on a bi-weekly date with Josh, my husband.   I will need to find a regular sitter and money to pay said sitter but I am freaking dating my husband this year.
  2. Eat healthy.  Plan already underway, using the Brendan McKeigan diet.
  3. Exercise.  Zumba Fitness already purchased and ready for my ass to shake.
  4. Ensure Josh approves of all new friendships.
  5. Check my sugar levels everyday.  Suck it diabetes.
  6. Ensure a more equitable distribution of the chores around the house for our entire family.
  7. Saturday during the day is family time unless travelling for work or comedy.
  8. There will be movement into other cities for Jesus Loves a Crazy Horny Feminist.
  9. I am writing a fringe show with two of my fave comedy gal pals. 
  10. I am going to mediate.  No,  actually I am going to meditate.  Me.  Meditate.  I tried to work on this when I was sick three years ago and hated it so this year, I am going to meditate. 
  11. Write a sustainable joke about Archduke Ferdinand.  Okay this is mostly done but don’t know if it will play well I audiences but this is my comedy goal.  I should reach higher.  Meh.
  12. Kick ass at work.  Okay this is a given lol but they have a BIG gala I’m involved in and this will be a true test of how I am doing.  Otherwise it’s already going well but when at work I plan to focus not obsess about things and people.
  13. Beading.  This is linked to cultural reclamation but also to mindfulness aka meditation.  I’ve got two ladies lined up to teach me!
  14. Get more couple friends, or friends to which we can hang WITH our kids.  
  15. Drink less.  I’m not saying drink nothing I’m saying drink less, or more aptly, don’t drink when upset.
  16. Be nicer.  I’m kidding, that’s not possible 😛
  17. Snowshoeing on Wednesdays.  Okay that’s also exercise but it’s very very specific, every Wednesday I am snowshoeing with my work.
  18. Goal setting with children and josh.  We already made our jars and for everyday we meet our goal we each get a little money.  Mine is already around exercise. 
  19. Paint my bedroom and bathroom.  I purchased paint a year ago and did nothing with it.
  20. Do my taxes for past 5 years.  This should really be in top ten, but let’s say we’re not ranking these.  
  21. Smudge more.   
  22. Watch Stuart Smalley Saves his Family again.  I really like that movie.
  23. Dance in the rain.  Okay that’s a cliché but I want to dance more.  Like maybe with josh.  Good thing we are ringing in 2014 with dancing at Absolute Comedy. 
  24. Visit Halifax.  Josh is due for a visit with his family so let’s get this one done.
  25. Floss More.

So friends, I hope you see you around reading along and sharing your own journeys through the comments.

All my relations,

jenn hayward

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