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How to Get Out of a Funk — A Few Tips from a Serious Attempter

i am so going to try this next time, you had me at “let the little ones go”. 🙂

Grief Happens

1 — Send the husband and children off to school and work.  This is crucial.  I can not stress enough the importance of not having to attend to little people and/or big ones.  They must go.

2 — Eat something for breakfast.  Put something in your system.  This morning I had a Clifbar, an apple and coffee with milk, coconut oil, and coconut sugar.  Yes, I have food issues.  Don’t knock the coconut oil in coffee until you try it.  This is even better if you have an immersion blender.  Heaven in a glass, or in my case, a large recycled peanut butter jar.  Yep, cheers to embracing your quirks!

3 — Retreat back to bed and sip your coffee leisurely.  You will likely beat yourself up for such behavior, but stop that right now.  Life can wait.  I pampered myself further this morning by turning on my…

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