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The Beat Goes On and On and On and On…

My blog about total health has been a little slow, but I am learning lots, so here’s some things that have happened or that I will get better at:


  1.  Weekly dates with husband:  These have been stalled while we work out both finances and babysitting.  This is more important than ever.  I realize when I am not making the time to share of  myself with him that I can go back to old habits, missing people I shouldn’t and not problem solve mini crisis in my head.  We are excited to go to Cracking Up the Capitol to see Rick Mercer this Saturday and are working on a day with friends and outing at night for our anniversary.  I hope something fun and lovely comes out of that to report on!
  2. Eating healthy and exercising is up and down.  When doing well on food I don’t exercise and when I do good on exercise I don’t do good on food.  It’s like my subconscious wants to keep me from getting healthy too fast.  Something to talk to the therapist about, but just something I noticed.  For today I did my exercising and ate well, so yay!
  3. Family time:  We are doing well on this, of course it could be better but we are trying one full day per weekend to be all about family and some other surprise days in between.  I surprised the family with a rainbow movie last week, to see delivery m an.  Firstly, what a dumb movie and secondly the kids no longer want to sit with us.  But we’ll count it as family time!
  4. Get more couple friends:  This is going well.  We are trying to be social with people who have kids are or accepting of our kids.  A few Sundays ago, after Josh got back from his mom’s funeral, we had a family over to play board games and we not only had fun but truly it was a great diversion from the grief.  More to come on this!
  5. Drink Less:  Whoa, who put that one on here?  Me?  I must have really wanted to get healthy!  Truthfully I am in fact doing well on this.  I severely overindulged on New Year’s Eve and have had, at most, one drink while at comedy clubs and outings per night.  Oh wait….oh yeah, I had a birthday party that we drank way too much at, okay hold the phone, this one isn’t going  very well!
  6. Be nicer.  Um, I’m nice and all that but I do let jealousy and past pains sometimes get in the way.  An example is that I reached out to someone going through some things right now, and in the end it ended up being a trigger for me, and likely not so good for her, so I can be nice but don’t have to reach out as far as I think I should; sometimes the nicest thing I can do is pray I guess. 


I will keep with this blog and share the fun and not so fun.  I am getting excited for my three night performance in March for Jesus Loves a Crazy Horny Feminist, and that and writing for my fringe play is taking a lot of my time.  It’s all exciting and good, but without balance I know I’ll be a train wreck and good to no one.  One thing of note is that I truly am very happy, life is good and I have many blessings in my life, but I always have to remember and be prepared for triggers for my disorder.  If I am not prepared and get complacent, I will fall back.  I am ever ready, ever attentive to deal with the next “spin” or trigger.    Mental Health issues are a bitch, but then again, so am I.  J


Thanks for reading,


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