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Why Do People Blog?

I had a fun birthday bash with husband and friends at the house last night.  No kids, it was really fun.  Maybe have to work on the less drinking part of the lifestyle change as today was a very bad day, hung over, overtired and low mood with impulsive tendencies, but that’s not why I am blogging today.

At the party last night after one or two of three too many, many philosophical debates began.  Some over the old friend who is no longer around, some about comedy and some about Facebook and blogging posts.  The discussion surrounded why I, a smart woman, posts like I do.  Why I post my moods, lessons learned and specifically why do I blog about my mental health and life struggles.

So why not have a blog post about why I blog.  That seems very “Inception” like, thought likely not as deep and certainly not as pretty as Leonardo DiCaprio.

First of all I am not alone, there are MANY people with mental health issues who blog about it.  There are also MANY people who blog about pretty much every other topic on the planet.  Some blog to increase their business, some blog to provide important information and some blog to amuse, delight or piss off others.  These are not the main reasons I blog.  I blog first and foremost because I like to write.  I really like to write out my thoughts and feelings and use this at times to help ensure I am learning  from my adventures.  I also blog to help myself through publically set goals, maybe it will help, maybe it won’t (so far it has helped) but here are some reasons I blog.

1.  Let’s hit the obvious one out of the way.  Attention.  For whatever reason, either personal insecurity, past experiences, internal struggles, there is something gratifying about people reading what I have written.  Maybe it’s sad that I get validation from this, but I do.  This is a very honest assessment but I truly think this is why ANYONE who blogs about themselves does so.  I just happen to talk about deep and thoughtful subjects instead of my Pez Dispenser collection.

2.  This was aforementioned but blogging gives me a sense of responsibility to sort my feelings out through journaling of sorts.  Given I have followers who do read me either here or on facebook regularly, I feel a responsibility to keep this updated, do what I am doing and be 100% honest with myself online.  It may cost me in the end, maybe I don’t get a booking because someone doesn’t like what I am writing, or maybe it alienates people from me, but in the end those are the people who weren’t meant to be around to start with.  I write for me firstly, and I find it very helpful.  Maybe in the future I won’t need to but for now this helps me stay accountable to myself.

3.  It does help others.  For those who think it is just self-serving and not important then I say, don’t read.  At least once a week I get a facebook message or email from someone who says thanks for talking so openly.  People say they have often felt like I have but have never been open about it and feel good knowing they are not alone.  This is not why I blog but this is a good thing that can come from the blog system.

4.  I really like people cheering me on.  I like a place to brag when I am doing well.  When I lost my first bit of weight, all those people wishing me health and happiness and encouraged me to continue on with my journey.  This helps me. It really does and if that helps me stay motivated I will keep posting, so suck it haters.  (I am now a rapper or woman in my twenties using the word “haters”, yikes!)

5.  I like to procrastinate.  Listen up people I am a busy busy woman.  I have three children, a husband, two dogs, a full time job, a comedian, producing my one womans show, writing a fringe play with my buds, maintaining healthy friendships and working on physical and mental health, so sometimes I would rather write about myself and indulge my desire to write than do laundry or have sex with my husband.

So people, this is why I blog, though I can’t speak for others, I imagine this is also why many others blog.  Thank you for asking drunk friends last night, and as for the other debates, I don’t remember them and will be looking at all future alcohol intake because wow my head hurts.

Thanks for reading and share with anyone you think would be interested.


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